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Custom Printing for Thermoformers

Custom Printing for Thermoformers
Custom Printing for Thermoformers

Printing roll stock before forming, one to ten colors, with either line printing (words) or process print (high level graphics) for shallow draw applications.  This new and emerging market gives the thermoformer the option to offer his customer a replacement for paper labels applied by his customer.  The process also allows the thermoformer to offer, as a value added option, a replacement for In-Mold labels.  The printing can be done with Eastern Web Handling supplying all film needs or toll printing films of customer choice.

EWH offers three distinctive alternatives:

1. Surface print one and two colors with our flexo press.  This would include distinctive color rims or words and shapes meant to call attention to your customers package and or impart product identity.

2. Reverse flexo print a thin APET or Polypropylene intended to be subsequently laminated to either 10 to 20 mil APET or PP for forming.  The advantage of this process is the print is completely isolated from being exposed to scratching, contaminating food or water.  It is this laminated approach we incorporate in competing with the high graphic market of In-Mold labeling.  

3. Rotogravure surface printing the lid before forming occurs with all the necessary graphics to convey product identity, product pictorial, or illustrate your customers product when serviced.  This would include simple designs through high level graphics.  

All three approaches represent a value added addition to the thermoformers product line.

Eastern Web Handling, Inc. has been printing lids since 2009 and has perfected the requirement needed to take advantage of this evolving market. 

For more information about custom printing for thermoformers, or the other services available please see the table below or  contact EWH directly.

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Custom Printing for Thermoformers Capabilities

Product Name
Printing for Thermoformers
Line Printing (Words)
Process Print (High Level Graphics)
Flexo Press
Reverse Flexo
Shallow Draw
Replacement For
In-Mold Labels
1 to 10
15 to 63 in
Print Repeat
15 to 48 in
Film Thickness
6 to 25 mil (Potentially Thicker)
Roll Weights
1000 to 1500 lb.
Roll Diameters
Up to 40 in
Additional Services
Production Volume
Startup / Small Runs
Large Runs
Typical Lead Time
4 to 8 weeks

Additional Information

Markets Served
Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging
Food Manufacturing Industry
Contract Packaging
Direct Mail (USPS Approved Poly)
CD and DVD Over Wrap
Cosmetic and Personal Care
Confectionery Bakery Services
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