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Custom Specialty Slitting of Porous Membranes for Manufacturer of Lithium Ion Battery Separators

Custom Specialty Slitting of Porous Membranes
Custom Specialty Slitting of Porous Membranes

Eastern Web Handling Inc. utilizes advanced Titan and Deacro slitters, with the capability of slitting materials from 1" to 63" in width. EWH also possess the capacity to engineer special adaptations to accommodate specialty and custom materials and requirements.

In 2007, Eastern Web was approached by an East Coast manufacturer of lithium lon battery separators to precisely slit and handle porous membranes. The membrane was unusually weak and extremely susceptible to tearing from even the slightest tensions. It was compounded from an aqueous solution that could not be handled by other converters.

Despite the fact that Eastern's slitters had motors that could not, under any circumstance, handle the film, their engineering staff was able to develop a solution that allowed processing of the membrane without tearing the film. By engineering to the specifics of any requirement, Eastern Web Handling is capable of creating solutions that did not exist prior.

In another instance, Eastern Web was approached to accommodate a duplex slitting application that required the separation of a silicone carrier web from the web being slit, leaving the duplex shaft for winding.

Eastern Web engineered a means to separate the carrier web from the slit web and wind the carrier web up on separate shafts. This process required four separate rewind shafts on a two-shaft machine. The solution simply stated is in how it was approached. By not limiting their thinking to the existing capabilities of the slitter, but instead looking at the solution through an engineer's prospective, a solution was readily adapted.

It is in the unique approaches that sets Eastern Web apart from other converters. To learn more about these projects, contact Eastern Web Handling directly.

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